SARGENT ASSA V-10 High Security Cylinders
The Sargent Assa V-10 high security cylinder is without a doubt the future for high security locking devices and key control. Once your master key system is designed and pinned, it may never have to be rewritten or repinned again.
Benefits of Sargent Assa V-10 High Security Cylinders:

Key and cylinder are patented
Sargent ASSA offers over 2,800 keyways on each profile
No special key cutting machine is needed to cut Sargent ASSA keys
Keys and cylinders are unconditionally guaranteed
Standard pin-tumbler design is easy to learn, service, and masterkey. Masterkeying capabilities are extensive
Offers two keyways per side bar to each facility user or distributor (territory limited by geography)
Side bar can be reversed to form new keyway-system may never have to be repinned. Even if a great grand master key is lost, the patented side bar is simply reversed and mirror image keys that are coded to the side bar are issued. This flexibility enhances the security of the system and thus the doors within the system.

All SARGENT V-10 cylinders are listed under UL 437, a set of tests determining resistance against picking and drilling. Two independent locking mechanisms ensure optimum pick resistance. Inactive “dummy” grooves catch the sidebar when improperly positioned.
KEYS : Precision crafted for the highest security, the SARGENT V-10 key has two sets of bittings (key cuts) to operate the double locking mechanisms. Experienced attention to quality is evident in every detail of the key. Both the key and cylinder are designed to minimize wear. Both are backed with a lifetime warranty.