The new Mul-t-lock high-tech cylinder

mul-t-lock mt5 - MT5 MUL-T-LOCK - multlock mt5

Cliquez ici pour une video de presentation
Click here to see technical video about the cylinder

The patent-pending MT5 platform consists of 3 components
that work together.

This new-generation product, based on Mul-T-Lock's telescopic pin technology,
features an innovational locking concept.
The new system consists of complementary mechanisms that operate independently while enhancing one another: a set of 5 telescopic pins, an extra locking bar with 5 finger pins, and
the Alpha Spring, a patented moving-part located
at the tip of the flat key, increasing key protection against duplication and manipulations.

With the sidebar and the moving-part,
this new mul-t-lock cylinder seems to be bump-proof,
which was necessary as a video show us that
mul-t-lock Interactive has been bumped-open during a test

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