ASSA 6000

The ASSA 6000 high security key is a precision crafted security tool. Two sets of bittings (or key cuts)
                      operate the double locking mechanisms. Detail and quality are clearly evident. Even the back of
                      the key is rounded for smooth operation and minimal wear. The enlarged key bow
                      accommodates use by manually impaired people, and the unusual strength of the key virtually
                      eliminates breakage. Each sidebar contains a code and is combinated by its matching key.
                      Sidebar codes are milled on the lower portion of the key and are precut at the ASSA factory. A
                      multitude of sidebar codes are possible on a given key profile. Each sidebar code represents a
                      unique key section, and - while our competitors are physically limited to only a few key sections
or levels of control - we are not.
The result is unparalleled key control: the ability to meet your needs for highly restricted or
exclusive key sections.

The ASSA 6000 is designed to withstand any form of physical attack including drilling, prying, driving or pulling. Its free-spinning guard collars protect it from pipe wrenching while its hardened inserts guard against drill attack. The 6000 comes equipped with the ASSA Hardhat™ to protect it from outside through-the-door-attack known as "ice picking." Its solid brass and steel construction guarantees its ruggedness and defies any form of physical attack.

The ASSA 6000 High Security Deadbolt incorporates the patented ASSA High Security Cylinders. Our unique dual-locking mechanism renders the lock virtually pick proof. The ASSA High Security Cylinder lists six separate United States patents which protect the unique features that eliminate any form of manipulation. The deadlocking bolt assures a positive close when thrown to engage the strike.

The ASSA 6000 High Security Deadbolt has been listed by Underwriters Laboratories and has passed the UL 437 tests. These widely acclaimed tests measure effectiveness against picking, drilling and physical resistance. In addition the ASSA High Security Cylinders are also listed by UL for high security