All high security ABUS padlocks and motorcycle locks use high security "ABUS PLUS" keyway.
Unlike conventional barrel or pin tumbler cylinders, the plus keyway works with floating discs (like Abloy).
These floating discs make it virtually impossible to pick according to Abus, but special picking-tool exists.
Only the correct key aligns all the discs to the correct position so that the side bar falls in which then allows the key to be turned the full 180 degrees.
When the key is turned back in slide 4, the discs are automatically scrambled.
Because there are no springs, the mechanism is guaranteed to work for life and smoothly down to -40 F degrees.
Try and drill out the PLUS cylinder and you will notice that the first disc is hardened and spins freely with the drill bit.
With 7 disks, the "ABUS PLUS" cylinder has 250,000 combinations and, normally, key can only be duplicated by Abus.

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