At the heart of all Abloy products is the unique rotating disk locking system, pioneered by Emil Henriksson in 1907. The function of the rotating disk cylinder is smooth and reliable in all conditions. Abloy locks avoid the use of springs and pins, which can cause malfunction when exposed to dust, moisture, salt air, corrosion or freezing. The absence of springs means that friction and wear are minimal, resulting in far greater durability than conventional locks. The Abloy cylinder is virtually pickproof, and provides optimum resistance against physical attack. Case hardened steel disks and carbide inserts are available for extra protection against sawing and drilling.
The Abloy rotating-disk cylinder system provides up to 1.97 billion possible key combinations, which ensures the flexibility and expansion capabilities needed to satisfy the demands of even the most complicated master-key systems. The unique detainer disk cylinder enables all Abloy products to be master keyed to the same system. Therefore, where necessary, door locks, padlocks, furniture and cam locks can be opened using the same key. Abloy locks can be keyed differently, keyed alike, master keyed or grand master keyed.

Détail du mécanisme

Drawing from "Locks, Safes and Security" by Mr Tobias.